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Coach Level Clinic - November 1, 2015

Attention all new IP Instructors & HL Coaches requiring Certification

Erindale Hockey will be hosting a coach certification clinic on November 1, 2015.  This new course curiculum is know as Coach Level.  All new instructors and coaches also need to take the online course, Respect in Sport.  The Coach Level course requires completion of an online component prior to attending the clinic. 

The links to register for the Speak Out and Coach Level clinics are below.  You have to register separately for each clinic if you are taking both.  It is not necessary to take the Speak Out clinic if you have taken it previously or if you have completed its online equivalent, Respect in Sport.

AGENDA - Sunday November 1, 2015  


Mentor Program

Mentoring is a process that enables individual coaches to experience personal and professional growth while developing hockey coaching skills with the support and encouragement of a trusted, experienced Coach Mentor.


  1. To make the coaching experience developmental and fun.
  2. To share skill development techniques during practices and games.
  3. Practice and development of skills for young goaltenders.
  4. Ongoing guidance and support.
  5. For increased awareness of organizational goals and objectives.
  6. To provide a forum to share best practices.
  7. To benefit from material and ongoing moral support.
  8. To receive assistance in designing efficient practice and training programs.
  9. To seek advice and counsel.
  10. To gain access to over 70 years of coaching experience in the MHL and GTHL.