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I forgot my password. How do I find it?

Click on the "Forgot your password?" link located on the Registration page. You will be asked to enter the email address you use to set up your account. The password will be emailed to you.

Is there a way of changing my password?

Yes. You may edit your password by clicking on the "Change Password" link located under "My Account" on your main Registration page once you login.

I could not print my invoice. Is there a way of printing my invoice after I have already registered?

Yes. If you log back into the Online Registration site, you will receive a listing of all of your Registrants and you will be given the option to view and print the receipts from there.

Can I pay with Cheques?

Yes. We accept current dated Cheques and Money Orders.

Can I pay with cash?

To pay with cash you must contact the Registrar and arrange for a time to drop off payment.

When will I be contacted on evaluation skate dates?

Everyone should be contacted by Labour Day. If you have not been contacted by this date, please email the office, inquires@erindalehockey.com with your child's name, age and your phone number.

Can I request that my child play with his friend for carpooling purposes?

You may speak to your Convenor at an evaluation skate date.

What documentation do I need if I want to coach?

In order to coach in the Mississauga Hockey League, you require a current Criminal Record Check (available at the MHL Office) and certain Hockey Canada required courses. Your first step is to complete a coach application on our website.

When does body checking start?

At the 'A' level, body checking starts at Minor PeeWee through to Midget. There is no body checking at any level of House League.

Where do I get more information?

Throughout the Erindale Hockey website and our bulletin board, which is to the right as you enter Erin Mills Twin Arenas, to keep up with the latest news at Erindale.  Should you require further information please email inquires@erindalehockey.com